The CO2 emissions
reduction depends on us!

Purchasing our high-quality products made of 100% recycled PET bottles, proves a deep understanding of recycling as a way of embracing circular economy and support the environment.

Figures speak for themselves!

1 t of RECYCLED POLYESTER staple FIBER = saving 0,88 t of CO2 EMISSIONS
(50% less CO2 compared to the production of polyester fiber from virgin input)

The calculations were validated by the organization when evaluating the results of our project - “Reducing CO2 emissions through PET recycling” - throughout 2017 and 2018, proving that using our 100% recycled polyester staple fibers you are also saving 50% CO2 emissions vs. using fibers with virgin plastic input.

Take action, Choose our fibers, Reduce Emissions
Extra benefits:

• With every order, we provide a statement with how much C02 you reduce. You can share and reveal your commitment on corporate and client communication. Download statement sample

• A unique label that certifies C02 emission reduction. Check it out here

• Communication support and marketing materials upon request.

Act now, join forces and offer sustainable solutions to the end users with 50% less C02 emissions.

Be carbon neutral, offset your emissions!

Using our 100% recycled polyester staple fiber with 50% less C02 emissions vs. virgin fiber it’s an act of responsibility and helps greater awareness of environmental factors. What about being carbon neutral? You can also offset your production process carbon emissions as well!

Put simply, carbon credits are tons of carbon dioxide that either have been prevented from entering or have been removed from atmosphere. Companies can purchase Green Tech to take responsibility and compensate for all the emissions they produce. Offsetting is an effective way to reduce emissions globally and create sustainable development benefits for communities around the world.

By acquiring our C02 credits, you neutralize the remaining carbon footprint of your product. Businesses and organizations can communicate their commitment to purchase Greentech carbon credits on corporate communications and focused consumer communication using Greentech carbon credits lock-up.

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Let’s talk figures:

• For 1 ton of recycled fiber we process 31,500 PET bottle waste
• 1 CO2 emissions certificate = 33,245 recycled PET

Green Tech is the first recycling company in Europe authorized by Gold Standard to issue Verified Emissions Reductions VERs.