Recycling plays an important role in finding a sustainable solution.

When plastic bottles end their life cycle, they are collected, sorted, then treated and processed, resulting PET flakes that can be reintroduced in the economy.

In GreenFiber we use only PET flakes from GreenTech, working with the best in the field.

At GreenTech, our sister company, we recycle PET waste, reducing energy consumption that would otherwise be required for the production of plastic products made of virgin inputs, and consequently reducing greenhouse gases emissions (GHGs).

GreenTech is the first company in Europe that implements project for reducing CO2 emissions, with output as: PET flakes, PET strap and r-PET granules.

The Project “Reducing CO2 emissions through PET Recycling ", developed by GreenTech – a member company of GreenGroup, is the first project in Europe applied to the recycling of PET waste, proactively reducing greenhouse gases emissions (GHGs) that would be otherwise required for the production of plastic products made of virgin inputs and accelerating progress towards many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Total GHG emission
10 years crediting period
estimated at
453,800 t CO2
The annual average GHG emission reduction is of 45,380 t CO2/year.

The project is in line with the specific UN requirements because it contributes to local environmental sustainability; by applying PET recycling instead of using material from virgin inputs we decrease the overall energy use and the GHGs and environmental burden caused by natural resources extraction.

The project contributes towards better working conditions and better revenue distribution to improve local and regional economic development, it increases employment opportunities in the area, it contributes to the development of new technologies, to regional integration and connection with other sectors, and to a large extent to the local municipalities’ funds for social insurance, such as health and pension funds.

At the same time, PET waste recycling reduces the amount of waste to be disposed in the landfill with a substantial positive impact on the environment.

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CO2 emissions reduced (t)