Green Fiber revived the Polyester Staple Fibre industry here, one that enjoyed a longstanding tradition in Romania. But instead of relying on a natural resource for production, petroleum, we replaced it with a new, renewable resource, PET waste.

This is why Green Fiber not only creates fibers,
but it creates responsible fibers.

We are fully aware of the different challenges we face as a society, regarding sustainability. GreenFiber’s business focuses on sustainability by taking raw material made of waste and redefining its usability.

Our Sustainability Approach

Our sustainability model allows us to continuously adapt to the changes in our environment. Our philosophy is based on Environment, Community and Well-being.


Our greatest commitment is to care for the environment. Our operating capacity is closely linked to the preservation of our surroundings. Our approach is to optimize the consumption of natural resources and raw materials, reduce emissions and waste, and enhance process efficiency. All our facilities follow the same environmental objectives and policies.

The raw materials used in our processes come from waste, meaning PET flakes. We are, therefore, making the best use of them and producing polyester staple fiber, made 100% from recycled flakes. We are focused on resources and we strive to reduce the impact of our operations, reducing emissions and conserving resources, soil and water.


We ensure that our operations have a positive impact on the community through health programs, safety training measures, meetings with neighbors of the plants, support programs providing infrastructure, as well as direct support for the most vulnerable sectors.

We actively work with communities and we strongly share the benefits of recycling and our activities. We also implement internships for young students in our communities and workshops, where more than 3,000 students/year benefited from our support and experience on waste management system in Romania.
As promoters and believers in the circular economy, GreenFiber created the right incentives in Romania to close the loop of recycling, by investing in collection infrastructure called SIGUREC. The „GreenGroup and SIGUREC” model is officially recognized by the European Commission, as a good practice example on the
European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform.

internal well-being

We care about the workplace and the environment. We make sure all of our offices, factories and supply chain requirements meet and exceed legal requirements and regulations relating to sustainability and social responsibility.

We are a large team of passionate people. Ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for our employees is one of our biggest responsibilities. We constantly implement programs aimed at increasing safety in our processes, employee training for a correct performance in the workplace, as well as initiatives that encourage healthy living practices.

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